CE In-Service Programs

Empowering medical professionals through our in-service programs. 

Is your organization looking to advance patient care and improve the work environment for your staff through the use of essential oils? Well then you have come to the right place!

Education plays a key role in achieving organizational goals with regards to essential oils. Making the choice to adopt this modality is becoming increasingly popular.  However, far too many facilities are making this decision without being properly educated on how to choose which oils to purchase and even more importantly, training their staff  how to safely and effectively administer the oils to the patients.  Understanding the science on how essential oils can be used to manage symptoms and improve quality of  care is vital, PRIOR TO implementation in the healthcare setting.  Our innovative in-service trainings promote empowerment and competency among employees for the better undertaking of their tasks, thus helping the organization to achieve its goals as well as to remain competitive in the industry.

Our goal is to partner with your facility to provide proper education and resources so an essential oil program can be easily implemented for both your patients and your staff.

Key benefits of our program include:

  • An in-service designed specifically for your facility (CE’s available upon request)
  • A kit of  Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils and the option to purchase additional products for your facility at wholesale cost.
  • Customized symptom management recommendations
  • Customizable policy and procedure documents
  • Access to a private support group with essential oil educational material
  • Innovative concepts such as using essential oils in your employee wellness programs
  • Access to a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner for consultation and on-going support and education
  • Access to a medical advisory board that works directly with healthcare professionals and the larger medical community in developing and advancing the uses of essential oils in clinical environments.

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