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International Sports and Fitness Trainers Association, LLC (ISFTA)


A must for any fitness center looking for competent training staff! by: Sara

I am always amazed at how ISFTA Certified Trainers are more engaged, motivated and prepared to be on the floor than any other trainers that come to us looking for placement within our facility. I spend half the time teaching new trainers the basics when they come to me having been though the ISFTA CPT curriculum.  Thanks to ISFTA we now spend less time training our trainers things that they should come to us already knowing. This gives us the advantage of allocating more time to growing the club and increasing the opportunities for our staff.



GREAT Experience! by: Malinda (Jacksonville, FL)

I attended the Rehab Fitness and Functional Training Workshop Weekend and have to say it was a Great experience.  Our instructor was very knowledgeable and well versed.  I just got my passing results for my CPT exam that I added.  I can’t express how pleased I was with the whole experience.  If you are a PT, OT or LMT looking to get your CEU’s don’t go any further than ISFTA.


So helpful! by: Linda

Thanks so much for the very interesting and useful selection of textbooks!  Loved studying the information and plan to continue to refer to them for the wonderfully illustrated exercises and workouts!  Also, loved the Applegate’s athletic view of nutrition, so helpful!

Blessings to you!


A different approach. by: Bill (Milford, CT)

I have been in the fitness industry for a long time. I have seen many things come and go over my 30 plus yrs.  As a former trainer,club owner, fitness competitor and fitness entrepreneur there is just not much that I have not witnessed.  I believe that ISFTA is on the right road to making a huge impact on the fitness industry.  Over the past decade or so individuals seeking certification have had very few choices to pick from when it came to legitimate certification companies.  Even the big boys out their have opted for the easy way out and have eliminated and or made it so that any hands on testing incorporated to the examination process counts for nothing.  The approach for many companies has turned into just administering an open book exam with no real intent on producing qualified trainers and fitness professionals.  This is were I believe ISFTA is different.  All their certifications have a hands on PASS or FAIL practical exam.  Here is an example of a company that is welling to put some weight behind there certificates.  They clearly seem dedicated to preserving the quality of their fitness professionals.  Go no further than ISFTA for a real hands on practical approach to your certification needs.


Great CEUs by: Ronda (South Carolina)

A must for any medical professional needing CEUs


A must for any PT/OT or LMT by: Stacy (Tennessee)

Will definitely recommend to friend.  Loved my instructor, very smart and had allot of patience with me during my examination for the CPT Exam.  Will look nowhere else for my further fitness education needs.


ISFTA is the best certification out there. by: David Barnes, CPT

ISFTA is an awesome certification. I got certified through them and they are the BEST in customer service, updating the info, and actually caring about what they are doing. I have sent several of my friends through them and they all have been doing well. Most of the others are bogus online things, but the ISFTA training is geared toward real world working environment. I totally recommend them.


ISFTA Certification by: Michael Posner

I got my ISFTA personal trainer certification and I couldn’t be happier. I also got continuing education credits for my physical therapy license. They are they only company recognized nationally by PT, OT, LMT boards. Clearly the most credible organization.


ISFTA is great by: Anonymous

I just got certified and they actually set you up with a trainer or possible master trainer as in my case and he was very thorough and took all the time necessary to help me fully understand everything. They are very clear and fully cover everything so you can learn and apply it.


Great cert./ Great leadership by: Jim (Massachusetts)

I took my course a little over a year ago while in school for Exercise Sciences Degree. I haven’t stopped since! I just recently opened, with a backing partner a small fitness facility that enables me to practice my skills, train as I was shown, and continue as an ISFTA PROFESSIO0NAL. My next goal is to become an ISFTA TRAINER—- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Best Hands on Cert . Around by: Tony (Tampa, FL)

I just got certified through them and had an amazing experience. My instructor was awesome. I just got a position at my local health club and was told that I was one of the most prepared trainers that they had ever hired. Defiantly one of the most pleasurable educational experiences I had ever had.
Thanks ISFTA


GREAT Certification!!! by: Tammy (Dallas, Texas)

ISFTA is a GREAT certification. I got certified through them in 2009 and am in the process of taking some of their CE courses to further my expertise. They made it so easy for me to find the right courses that would meet my needs. If you’re looking for a certification company that is able to give some real hands on experience then look no further than ISFTA.


Simply Pleasurable by: Alex (New York)

I have been certified by many organizations during my 20 plus yrs of being in the health and fitness field. I have never had a more pleasurable educational experience then what I had with ISFTA. There exam prep and live hand on workshops are simply awesome. They are ICE accredited and have very strict requirements on their curriculum due to there being a provider of CEU’s to medical professionals in multiple states. If you are looking for a cert that has a little more beef to it than your traditional certification. Then ISFTA is for you.


Endless Thanks and Gratitude by: Rick (Miami, FL)

I have been so blessed as to the direction my life has gone since having become ISFTA certified. I now have my own at-home private training business, here in town with a great and growing clientele base and I am looking forward to the future that the health and fitness industry holds for me. There is no question in my mind that ISFTA played a very important role in getting me started on the right foot. I would recommend everyone get certified through them.


Their approach is spot on. by: Anonymous

I am a Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Health club owner. I have to say that Their approach is spot on with the direction that the industry is going in. With the lines between medical professional and fitness professional getting closer and closer. ISFTA has served me well and there staff has always been very friendly and informative. I have many trainers working in my faculty and many of them hold different certifications from different companies. I do have to say that the new trainers that come to me from having been through the ISFTA certification process are bit more prepared to be on the floor than others. All Certification companies have their pros and cons but I believe that ISFTA is on a unique track that separates them from your average certification company.


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