Stability Ball Trainer Cert./CEU Workshop

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(*Please Note: A Stability Ball is necessary for this course.)

Since its inception in the 1960s, the stability ball has quickly become one of the most dynamic and versatile pieces of equipment available today. Stability balls are used almost every where you look from health and fitness centers, yoga, pilates and group fitness studios to PT, OT, Chiro, and LMT offices. There seems to be no end in sight to the disciplines that have benefited clients through the proper usage of this amazingly simple piece of equipment.

During the workshop, you will learn the wide array of benefits that stability ball training can offer to your clients/patients including core strength, posture, balance, body awareness, flexibility and even cardiovascular fitness.  Topics include everything from ball sizing, inflating and neutral alignment on the ball to training for dozens of exercises that you can then take and apply to your clients/patients fitness or rehab programming.

This class is open to both fitness, health/wellness and medical professionals.

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Space is limited and the sooner you register, the more study time you will have prior to the class.

An ISFTA Stability Ball Trainer Workshop can help Personal Trainers, Group Fitness, Yoga, and Pilates instructors to OT/COTAs, PT/PTAs, ATCs, DCs/CAs and LMTs expand their career through:

  • Increased marketability with a fast-growing interest associated with this unique and versatile tool.
  • Expanding your knowledge as a fitness/medical professional.
  • Gaining the skills necessary to incorporate the stability ball into group and/or individual rehab/fitness settings.
  • Learning new ways of utilizing the stability ball for both rehab and fitness patients/clients.
  • Increased confidence with the prescription of stability ball exercises.
  • Adding new ways of generating revenue by incorporating the stability ball into specialized group classes or boot-camps.
  • Igniting new ways to engage your patients/clients.
  • Giving you the edge on the competition with tools that can diversify you from others in your field.

ISFTA Stability Ball Trainer Workshop core concepts include:

  • Stability Ball Basics
  • Sizing, Care, & Storage
  • Flexibility Exercises
  • Cardiovascular Exercises
  • Abdominal/Core Exercises
  • Upper Body Strengthening
  • Lower Body Strengthening
  • Protocols of Rehab/Fitness Considerations
  • Principles of introducing the stability ball into the treatment/fitness program
  • Q&A


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