Plyometrics Training Specialist (PTS)

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CEU Approvals: 4 ISFTA CEU’s
(Textbook & Exam Included)
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Course Details:

Take the performance of your clients to the next level and beyond with the ISFTA Plyometrics Training Specialist Certification (PTS). Plyometric training is an essential part of conditioning for all sports requiring strength, power and speed. The ISFTA Plyometrics Training Specialist Certification will provide you with the tools and education needed to prescribe advanced plyometrics training programming to all fitness levels.

A Plyometrics Training Specialist Certification (PTS) from ISFTA can help the experienced fitness professional expand their career through:

  • Increased marketability.
  • Igniting new ways to engage your clients.
  • Increased confidence with the prescription of plyometric exercises and programming.
  • Giving you the edge on the competition with tools that diversify you from other trainers.
  • Adding new ways of generating revenue by incorporating the plyometrics into specialized group classes or boot-camps.
  • The educational base to go beyond basic conditioning and help your clients develop the explosive power that will give them the edge in there prospective sport.

The ISFTA Plyometrics Training Specialist Certification (PTS) core concepts include:

  • The science of Plyometrics.
  • Tools for accessing a clients readiness for plyometric training.
  • Plyometric technique and execution.
    • Warm ups
    • Cool downs
    • Foundational building
    • Fundamentals of progressive overload
    • How to maximize force and minimize time
    • Complex and individualized training programming
    • Training and rehab functions
  • Detailed explanations, illustrations and programming for:
    • Lower Body, Legs, Hips
    • Trunk and Upper Body
  • Sport specific training and implementation.
  • Building and sustaining long term power.
    • Skill testing
    • Seasonal sport specific conditioning
    • Year-around conditioning
  • and much, much, more!

The ISFTA Plyometrics Training Specialist Certification is for those who are already certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer and/or Group Fitness Instructor and wish to increase their knowledge of Plyometric Training principles and programming. Along with the textbook that includes both long term and short term programming for over 21 sports and depiction of over 77 exercises illustrated through 370 photos, students will receive a 25 question exam. Upon completion of the exam, it is to be mailed to ISFTA for grading.

A passing score of 90% is required to receive the designation of Certified ISFTA Plyometrics Training Specialist (PTS) .

This home study course counts for 4 ISFTA CEU’s toward your ISFTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and/or ISFTA Group Fitness Instructor Certification renewals.

Credentialed certificate awarded upon successful completion of all requirements.

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