Functional Training Specialist Certification (FTS)

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CEU Approvals: 4 ISFTA CEU’s
(Textbook & Exam Included)
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Course Details:

The ISFTA Functional Training Specialist Certification (FTS) will provide you with the knowledge base necessary to safely and effectively incorporate functional training methodologies into your clients current fitness regimen.  Over the recent years, the implementing of sport specific training to individuals other than athletes has exploded. Health Clubs are now spending vast amounts of revenue and dedicating large areas of their establishments just to this one form of exercise. Some very successful fitness franchises are being built around the central theme of taking functional training methodologies that were deemed as sport specific in nature, and reintroducing them in new and inventive ways to help improve the overall health and conditioning of the general fitness population. 

There has never been a better time to educate ones self in the benefits of functional training.

The ISFTA Functional Training Specialist Certification (FTS) will help you understand:

  • What makes functional training so beneficial.
  • Various sport specific programs and how to implement them.
  • How to create programs that increase performance in over 50 different sports.
  • How to properly execute dynamic warm ups and cool downs.
  • How to structure effective strength, power and agility training programs.

The ISFTA Functional Training Specialist Certification is for those who are already certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer and/or Group Fitness Instructor and wish to increase their knowledge. Along with the textbook that includes a depiction of over 100 exercises illustrated with step-by step photos and 20 sport specific workouts, students will receive a 25 question exam. Upon completion of the exam, it is to be mailed to ISFTA for grading.

When should I expect my results?

  • Within 12-14 business days from the submission of your examination you will receive your results.

A passing score of 90% is required to receive the designation of Certified ISFTA Foam Roller Techniques Specialist (FTS).

This home study course counts for 4 ISFTA CEU’s toward your ISFTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and/or ISFTA Group Fitness Instructor Certification renewals.

Credentialed certificate awarded upon successful completion of all requirements.

ISFTA Credential:

CEU Approvals: