BOSU Balance Specialist Certification

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CEU Approvals: 4 ISFTA CEU’s
(Textbook & Exam Included)
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Course Details:

The ISFTA BOSU Balance Specialist Certification will teach you the latest scientific principles and theories related to balance training, as well as a practical analysis of over one hundred different exercises, drills and stretches, while also helping you apply the science of functional balance and stabilization training to practical programming using the BOSU Balance Trainer.

After completion of the BOSU Balance Specialist Certification you will understand:

  • The science behind functional strength training.
  • What affects balance, body equilibrium and kinesthetic awareness.
  • How to safely and effectively challenge proprioception and balance.
  • Functional program design concepts that can be used for rehabilitation, general health and fitness, or sports conditioning.
  • How to integrate balance with cardiovascular training to improve dynamic balance, agility, coordination and stabilization.
  • Exercises that integrate balance with muscular strength and endurance training.
  • Balance and stabilization exercises for core strength and improved posture.
  • Static and dynamic movement patterns that train balance and stabilization for the core, shoulder girdle, hips and pelvis and foot/lower region.
  • Stretches that vary from static and passive to active and balance- challenging.
  • Sports conditioning moves that range from static balance exercises to dynamic balance drills.
  • Modifications and variations to make each exercise, drill or stretch easier or harder.
  • Instructional techniques for group exercise and personal training.

The BOSU Balance Specialist Certification is for those who are already certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer and/or Group Fitness Instructor and wish to increase their knowledge of Balance based fitness programming. Along with the textbook that contains more than 120 photos and detailed descriptions of exercises, drills and stretches, students will receive a 25 question exam. Upon completion of the exam, it is to be mailed to ISFTA for grading.

When should I expect my results?

  • Within 12-14 business days from the submission of your examination you will receive your results.

A passing score of 90% is required to receive the designation of Certified ISFTA BOSU Balance Specialist.

This home study course counts for 4 ISFTA CEU’s toward your ISFTA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Certification and/or ISFTA Group Fitness Instructor Certification renewals.

Certificate awarded upon successful completion of all requirements.

CEU Approvals: