Holistic Health Practices – Become a Holistic Health Coach

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Holistic health coaching is a greatly untapped, yet soon to be enormous market for health, fitness and coaching professionals. As alternative medicine becomes more mainstream and the number of clients seeking alternative medicine treatments increases, the need for holistic health training seems almost a necessity.

The Holistic Health Practices Course offers a refreshing new path for practitioners who are eager for a more optimistic view of mental health, one that emphasizes a person’s inherent abilities and resources over pathology and prescriptions.

“What is mental health?”, this course explores this fundamental question, showing that an innate desire for balance―a wholeness―between brain-body-mind lies at the heart of wellness. Such a balance can’t be achieved by medication alone, but requires a broad, full-spectrum understanding of “holism”.

Participants will learn and master holistic coaching concepts, holistic philosophies of well-being, general and complementary health strategies, motivational techniques, and the best practices for personal and client success. As an ISFTA Certified Holistic Health Coach, you will assess and have detailed knowledge about all of the dimensions of holism within each of your clients, and then guide and coach your clients to personal fulfillment and enhanced health and wellness. Successful completion of this course will allow you to fully understand various aspects of holism, and the various step-by-step coaching applications.

As a bonus, upon completion of the course, attendees will have the option to sit for the ISFTA Certified Holistic Health Coach Exam for only $99.00. Those who decide to utilize this option and pass the exam will receive a certificate identifying them as an ISFTA Certified Holistic Health Coach.

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Upon completion of the ISFTA Holistic Health Practices course, the participant will be able to:

  1. State the dimensions of physical holism
  2. Explain and understand the transtheoretical model for holistic behavior change
  3. Apply general techniques for coaching holistic health
  4. Successfully devise and complete a client preparedness and values and beliefs form

The textbook for this course, which is approximately 180 pages, is shipped prior to the seminar and requires 6-8 hours of study prior to attending the seminar.


Click Here To View Upcoming Courses In Your State.

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