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Quick Glance Upcoming April/May Course List:


Essential Oil CE Value Bundle:

Buy One – Get One 50% OFF: $398.00 16 CEs FOR ONLY $298.00

– Enriching Alternative Medicine with Essential Oils
– Natural Solutions for Preventative Healthcare
LMT-16, OT/COTA-16, ATC-16, ND/NC-16, NH/AIT-16
RN-16, ARNP-16, LPN-16, CNS-16, CNA-16, MW-16
ISFTA-16, NASM-1.2, AFAA-12

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rehab-fitness-sealRehab Fitness Specialist Workshop: $199.00

Add the ISFTA Certified Personal
Trainer Exam for ONLY $99.00!
*PT/PTA-16:(*9 Live, 7 Home Study)
OT/COTA-13, LMT-13, DC/CA-8, ATC-15, CNA-13, ISFTA-8


Senior Fitness Specialist Workshop: $199.00
Add the ISFTA Certified Senior
Fitness Specialist Exam for ONLY $99.00!
*PT/PTA-12:(*9 Live, 3 Home Study)
OT/COTA-12, LMT-12, ATC-12, ND/NC-12
NH/AIT-12, RN-12, ARNP-12, LPN-12, CNS-12, CNA-12
ISFTA-12, NASM-1.2, AFAA-12



Functional Training Workshop: $398.00 $249.00
(Includes Stability Ball & Foam Roller Courses)
Add the ISFTA Stability Ball/Foam Roller
Specialist Exam for ONLY $99.00!
PT/PTA-15.5, OT/COTA-15, LMT-15, DC/CA-16, ATC-14
ISFTA-8, NASM-1.6, AFAA-16


Stability Ball Trainer Workshop: $199.00

PT/PTA-8, OT/COTA-9, LMT-9, DC/CA-8, ATC-8


foam-roller-sealMyofascial Release:

Foam Roller Workshop: $199.00
PT/PTA-7.5, OT/COTA-6, LMT-6, DC/CA-8, ATC-6




Holistic Health Practices –

Become a Holistic Health Coach: $199.00
Add the ISFTA Holistic Health
Coach Exam for ONLY $99.00!
*PT/PTA-15:(*8 Live, 7 Home Study)
OT/COTA-15, LMT-15, ATC-15, ND/NC-15, NH/AIT-15
RN-15, ARNP-15, LPN-15, CNS-15, CNA-15, MW-15
ISFTA-15, NASM-1.5, AFAA-15


enrich-alt-essen-oils-sealEnriching Alternative Medicine

with Essential Oils: $199.00
This course has NO pre-requisites and is OPEN to ANYONE interested in learning more about the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.
LMT-8, OT/COTA-8, ATC-8, AP-8, ND/NC-8, NH/AIT-8
RN-8, ARNP-8, LPN-8, CNS-8, CNA-8, MW-8, SW/ISW/PSW-8


Natural Solutions for

Preventative Healthcare: $199.00
This course has NO pre-requisites and is OPEN to ANYONE interested in learning more about how to incorporate natural solutions for your clients/patients.
OT/COTA-8, LMT-8, ATC-8, ND/NC-8, NH/AIT-8
RN-8, ARNP-8, LPN-8, CNS-8, CNA-8, MW-8


Therapeutic Yoga with Essential Oils: $199.00

Add the ISFTA Certified Yoga Aromatherapy
Specialist Exam for ONLY $99.00!
OT/COTA-12, LMT-12, ATC-12, ND/NC-12, MW-12, RN-12, ARNP-12, LPN-12, CNS-8, CNA-12
ISFTA-12, NASM-1.2, AFAA-12


Aromatherapy Technique Workshop: $229.00

Add the ISFTA Aromatherapy Technique
Specialist Exam for ONLY $99.00!




Personal Trainer Certification: $399.00

*2-day LIVE Hands-on Interactive Workshop!
  • Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!
Group Fitness Certification: $299.00

  • Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!


PRIDE Kettlebell Trainer Certification

Level 1: $499.00

  • Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

Level 2: $399.00

(Prerequisite: Level 1 ISFTA Kettlebell Certificate.)
  • Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!


*All participants in ISFTA continuing education programs are entitled to an accessible, accommodating, and supportive teaching and learning environment. Students have the right to request accommodations and the responsibility to provide disability documentation that supports those requests. ISFTA has the right to establish eligibility guidelines in accordance with both law and policy regarding disability and provide those accommodations that appropriately provide equal access to the programs and activities it sponsors.
*Florida Statute 456.025(7) requires educational providers approved by the Florida Department of Health to electronically submit course completions. All course credit should be reported within ninety (90) days following completion by the licensee(s). Submissions over ninety (90) days are considered late.