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ISFTA Quick Notes:

ATC licenses will expire 9/30/2014.
OT/OTA/COTA licenses will expire 2/28/2015.
LMT/MAA licenses will expire 8/31/2015.
PT/PTA licenses will expire 11/30/2015.
DC/CH/CI/RCA licenses will expire 3/31/2016.

Step 2: Choose Course, Date & City.

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Course Dates & Locations

-Personal Trainer Certification-$399.00

Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

Personal Trainer Certification, No Specified Workshop Date

Personal Trainer Certification Group Registration

- ISFTA Certified Personal Trainer Academy-$499.00

Includes: Personal Trainer Certification & your choice of any 1 Home Study Course.

Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

- ISFTA Certified Personal Trainer University-$799.00

Includes: Personal Trainer Cert., Fitness Nutrition Specialist & your choice of any 2 Home Study Courses.

Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

- Group Fitness Certification-$299.00

Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

- Group X Power Pack-$499.00

Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

- Stability Ball Trainer Certification-$159.00

Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

- PRIDE Kettlebell Trainer Certification

Level 1-$499.00

Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!

Level 2-$399.00

(Prerequisite: Level 1 ISFTA Kettlebell Certificate.)

Course Dates & Locations Coming Soon!


Super Saver CEU Bundles

- Rehab Fitness & Functional Training Bundle-$379.00

*Add the opportunity to sit for ISFTA CPT & SFS Exams for a discounted fee of ONLY 149.00!
PT/PTA-30.5:(23.5 Live, 7 Home Study), OT/COTA-28, LMT-28, DC/CA-25, ATC-29,
ISFTA-8, NASM-0.4, ACE-0.4

Individual Bundle Registration

Group Bundle Registration

Course Dates & Locations

- Rehab Fitness Specialists Workshop-$199.00

*Add the opportunity to sit for ISFTA CPT Exam for ONLY $99.00!
PT/PTA-15:(8 Live, 7 Home Study), OT/COTA-13, LMT-13, DC/CA-8, ATC-15

Rehab Fitness Specialist, August 16th, Gainesville, FL

Rehab Fitness Specialist, September 13th, Orlando, FL

Rehab Fitness Specialist, October 18th, Tampa, FL

Rehab Fitness Specialist, November 8th, Miami, FL

Rehab Fitness Specialist, December 6th, Fort Myers, FL

Rehab Fitness Specialists Workshop Group Registration

- Functional Training Workshop-$229.00

*Add the opportunity to sit for ISFTA SFS Exam for ONLY $99.00!
PT/PTA-15.5, OT/COTA-15, LMT-15, DC/CA-16, ATC-14, ISFTA-8, NASM-0.4, ACE-0.4

Functional Training Workshop, August 17th, Gainesville, FL

Functional Training Workshop, September 14th, Orlando, FL

Functional Training Workshop, October 19th, Tampa, FL

Functional Training Workshop, November 9th, Miami, FL

Functional Training Workshop, December 7th, Fort Myers, FL

Functional Training Workshop Group Registration

- Stability Ball Trainer Cert./CE Workshop-$159.00


Stability Ball Trainer, August 17th, Gainesville, FL

Stability Ball Trainer, September 14th, Orlando, FL

Stability Ball Trainer, October 19th, Tampa, FL

Stability Ball Trainer, November 9th, Miami, FL

Stability Ball Trainer, December 7th, Fort Myers, FL

Stability Ball Trainer Workshop Group Registration

- Myofascial Release: Foam Roller Workshop-$129.00

PT/PTA-7.5, OT/COTA-6, LMT-6, DC/CA-8, ATC-6, NASM-0.4, ACE-0.4, ISFTA-4

Foam Roller Technique, August 17th, Gainesville, FL

Foam Roller Technique, September 14th, Orlando, FL

Foam Roller Technique, October 19th, Tampa, FL

Foam Roller Technique, November 9th, Miami, FL

Foam Roller Technique, December 7th, Fort Myers, FL

Foam Roller Workshop Group Registration

*All participants in ISFTA continuing education programs are entitled to an accessible, accommodating, and supportive teaching and learning environment. Students have the right torequest accommodations and the responsibility to provide disability documentation that supports those requests. ISFTA has the right to establish eligibility guidelines in accordance with both law and policy regarding disability and provide those accommodations that appropriately provide equalaccess to the programs and activities it sponsors.